Dr.-Ing. Philip Schmitt
Dr.-Ing. Philip Schmitt (EMBA)

MEMS-Design &  Project management


B.Sc. Henning Mays
B.Sc. Henning Mays


M.Sc. Steffen Wittemeier
M.Sc. Steffen Wittemeier

Circuit technology & software

Dr.-Ing. Lisa Schmitt
Dr.-Ing. Lisa Schmitt

Finance & Operations


Our vision

mechIC as a synonym for energy self-sufficient MEMS sensors.

Our Values

  1. Reliability and professionalism: Being a reliable partner for customers and colleagues.​
  2. Sustainability: Only produce sensors that improve the world sustainably.​
  3. Embracing a forward-looking approach in line with mechIC's values.​
  4. Je suis mechIC: We are proud being part of the team and actively involve our stakeholders in our processes.
  5. User-friendly as a matter of principle:Implement complex sensors with simple interfaces so that anyone can use them.
  6. Sensor adventurers: Technically ahead through disruptive innovations.​

Our mission

Step by step, we are launching new types of MEMS sensors onto the market that do not require any additional energy for measuring and storing and provide selected data. This enables us to provide our customers with fail-safe, robust and easy-to-integrate component monitoring.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Martin Hoffmann